317 Productions Inc. is a company dedicated to providing top quality stagehands & corporate AV technicians to Central Indiana.

317 Productions Inc. is owned and run by Ben Friedman, a 19-year veteran of the entertainment industry.

317 Productions can offer Production Management & Stage Management.

317 Productions Inc. can provide any type of specialized stagehand / AV labor required for your event : high steel riggers, loaders, A2's, L2's, V2's, camera operators, concert electricians, stage carpenters, general stagehands or tech's and more... 

Whatever the event may be, 317 Productions Inc. will provide the labor to get it done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

317 Productions Inc. is a fully insured company with well over one hundred years combined experience among its crew.

If you are looking for top quality, nonunion stagehand labor for Central Indiana and surrounding areas, please contact Ben at 317-223-3692 / or Jo at 317-627-2853 /

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